Show volunteering

See the Calendar for dates and locations of shows. You do not need an animal to show to help out. We are happy to welcome volunteers that will help out greeting people, sharing their knowledge, and show someone else's animals. Our biggest opportunity is the Santa Clara County Fair, where we need as many helpers as possible for this multi-day event.

Board membership and jobs

See the Contacts page for open board positions. We are always happy to welcome members-at-large. If you have a specific project in mind, contact a board member.

We are currently looking for a newsletter editor. What you need to know:

  • This is a volunteer position
  • The newsletter editor is an appointed member of the board
  • You need to be comfortable working with Google Docs and Google Drive. Our newsletter is created using Google Docs and distributed as a PDF. If you are enthusiastic, we can train.
  • If you are familiar with ISSUU, that's a plus, but we can train; it's not hard.
  • We publish up to 11 newsletters a year, but that's not a fixed schedule, and we can work out a schedule that works for you.
  • Look at past newsletters to get a sense of what we do. However, we are open to change and improvements.
  • You can use or build on the existing design, or come up with something completely new and creative.
  • We care deeply about copyright, and you must make sure all reused materials are available for use and attributed properly.
  • Our past newsletter editor is happy to inform, train, contribute, and even collaborate.
  • Contact behindbaars@gmail.com

Presenting or organizing a presentation for a General Meeting

If you have suggestions or contacts for presenters, or would like to present, please, contact behindbaars@gmail.com with information and a description. BAHS does provide a stipend for speakers.

Organizing outings, field trips, hikes...

BAHS used to have members that organized anything from camp outs at Pinnacles to field trips to interesting local ponds. If you are interested in organizing such an event, make up a plan and contact behindbaars@gmail.com to coordinate with the board and get it announced in the newsletter and at the general meeting. We can also help with organizing financials for such and event.