Advertising in the Newsletter

Advertising Policies

BAHS assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY regarding the health or legality of any animal, or the quality or legality of any product or service advertised in the BAARS Newsletter. Any ad may be rejected at the discretion of the Newsletter Editor; complimentary advertisements are run as space permits.

Classified Ads

All paying BAHS members in good standing are allowed one classified ad, run free of charge as space permits. Ads may be run three (3) consecutive months, after which time they may be resubmitted. Advertisements must be submitted electronically to

Non-members: send payments by check (payable to: Bay Area Amphibian and Reptile Society) to: BAHS, ℅ Palo Alto Junior Museum, 1451 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301. Once payment has been processed, the ad will be posted. Alternatively, submit payment via PayPal and notify that you did so.

Advertising Costs 

Business card height ("small") ad $5/month or $40/year

1/4 Page $10/month or $80/year

1/2 Page $20/month or $160/year

Ad Contents

All ads can cover the full width of the page and be to three columns wide. 

You may include images that you took, that are in the public domain, or that have an appropriate CC license, along with a link to the source of the image.

If you need more space or have additional questions, please contact the newsletter editor at

Advertising on BAARS/BAHS Facebook

If you are a BAHS member in good standing, you may place the occasional personal for sale ad for HERP-related items only. Place only one ad at a time and only one ad for the same items. 

See also Social Media Policy.

Advertising on the BAHS Website

This website does not accept ads. Consider placing an ad in the newsletter. The newsletter is accessible from the website.