General Meeting Info

See our Calendar for specific meetings and shows. 

Our General Meetings are public and feature speakers on subjects such as conservation, care and medical treatment, captive breeding, field studies, as well as many other interesting areas of herpetology. There are also workshops where people can bring their pets, relate their many experiences, and share their knowledge.

BAARS general meetings are held 10 times per year, on the fourth Friday of each month except November and December. Our Nov/Dec meeting is held on the first Friday in December, and is our annual Christmas party. The election of officers for the next year is also done at this meeting. All BAARS general meetings are open to the public - visitors are always welcome.

Meeting Guidelines

  • We encourage members to bring reptiles to the general meetings, but they should be brought in suitable travel containers (including a source of heat, if necessary). All animals must be kept in their containers during the business portion of the meeting. Aggressive, sick, delicate, or in-shed animals should not be brought to the meetings (for their sake, for that of the humans attending, and to protect others' pets from harm.)
  • Meetings start promptly at 8pm. Please take a seat by that time. (Doors open at 7:30pm)
  • Items (including reptiles) may be sold at the general meetings, but BAARS should receive (at least) 10% of the sales amount. An announcement of the items for sales should be made during the business portion of the meeting, under "good of the order".
  • During guest speaker presentations, people attending meetings should be relatively quiet to show respect towards the speaker and so that others can hear the presentation. Also, during presentations, reptiles should not be passed around unless it's under the direction of the guest speaker.
  • Children are welcome at our meetings, but should be relatively quiet and (hopefully) remain seated during the presentation of the guest speakers.All BAARS general meetings are open to the public - visitors are always welcome.